Mindifi Quit Smoking won’t Restore Purchased Audio

As a part of our recent updates to our iOS apps we had to completely rebuild our Free version of Quit Smoking. As a result the restore previous purchase no longer correctly downloads the audio you previously purchased. While we work on fixing this issue for you, please email and we can get you […]

Mindifi won’t work on my version of iOS

We recently had to update all of our Legacy Apps for iOS. Unfortunately a part of these updates required us to remove support for a good majority of past iOS versions. As of October 2017 all Mindifi apps on the Apple App Store require you to have at least iOS 11 for your Apple device. […]

How can I get a refund for my iPhone Purchase

We’re sorry to hear that Mindifi did not meet your expectations. In most cases, the issues for requesting a refund are often resolvable through access to an App Store for your platform. Refund Note Most refunds can take up to 20 days to process. Please also note that refunds are only possible within 14 days […]