Monthly Archives: February, 2018

Sherri Partain

Have only tried for a short time but, I can already tell it works very well ★★★★★ Sherri Partain

I have insomnia

I have insomnia I’ve been prescribed sleeping medication but with this I can actually fall asleep and not use medicine I would suggest it for anyone even if you don’t have sleeping problem...

Chris Rae

Love it, great meditations, always feel great when doing them! ★★★★★ Chris Rae  

Kayla Fernandes

I love these apps and suggest them to anyone ★★★★★ Kayla Fernandes

Stare at the water and the shadows

I like the menu music and stare at the water and the shadows playing down below around the pebbles. That in itself is good to meditate to, which I do. ★★★★★ Anonymous


This app is mind blowing. I never thought about such app which actually is very good and the voice of male is really hypnotic. ★★★★★ Lalit  

John Orfao

This has made a difference. I’ve lost 20 lbs. ★★★★★ John Orfao

So calm and relaxing that I just have to sleep

The best app to help me fall asleep the voice is so calm and relaxing that I just have to sleep .I think In will use this every night I give this a big thumbs up!❤ ★★★★★   Anonymous

Dayha Knowles

It gave me a HUGE burst of energy afterward and I walked 4 miles in less than 30 minutes. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Dayha Knowles