Monthly Archives: March, 2017

Lynda Carr

Either it works really really well or I’m just now suddenly able to fall asleep with hardly any effort after 20 years!! It’s amazing! And the best part is you wake up refreshed!! ★★★...

Liingi Chola

helped me relax and unwind as well as energised! ★★★★★ Liingi Chola

Audrey Williams

It’s great to listen to ★★★★★ Audrey Williams

Pamela Murphy

have been looking for a mediatation, this is awesome ★★★★★ Pamela Murphy

Vicki Haigh

I’m just starting out, I purchased all 11 at once and have listened to 2 so far. The voice is pleasant to listen to, about 20 min long. Perfect! ★★★★☆ Vicki Haigh

Tim Sharp

great I get relaxed every time it’s on ★★★★★ Tim Sharp

Vernon Reed

This is exceptional ★★★★★ Vernon Reed

Laura Meacham

I use this app almost nightly. I can now go into deep meditation and sleep very easily. Highly recommended for anyone that wants mental improvement! ★★★★★ Laura Meacham