Known Issues

Mindifi Quit Smoking won’t Restore Purchased Audio

As a part of our recent updates to our iOS apps we had to completely rebuild our Free version of Quit Smoking. As a result the restore previous purchase no longer correctly downloads the audio you previously purchased. While we work on fixing this issue for you, please email and we can get you […]

Mindifi won’t work on my version of iOS

We recently had to update all of our Legacy Apps for iOS. Unfortunately a part of these updates required us to remove support for a good majority of past iOS versions. As of October 2017 all Mindifi apps on the Apple App Store require you to have at least iOS 11 for your Apple device. […]

Meditation turns off when Phone Sleeps

Our meditation apps currently don’t work if the phone’s screen is off. This feature is on our road map and should be fixed in the near future.

Meditation Stops Alarm Function

The Legacy versions of our apps have a few issues. Unfortunately breaking the alarm function while mediation is playing is one of them. We are aware of this Alarm issue and a fix is on our list of todos!

iPhone App May Slow Down your Phone

On our Legacy versions of the Mindifi iOS apps, you may see the following warning: “The developer of this app needs to update it to improve its compatibility.” Our recent updates to our suite of iOS apps fixes this issue. If you are still seeing this issue please update the app from the App Store. […]

High Memory Usage

The legacy versions of our apps are memory intensive. In order to provide you with the highest quality experience our meditation tracks are fairly large, even with reasonable lossless compression. We are aware of this issue and are actively in the process of working on a better streaming server for future releases.